Giving a loved-one a locket with a memorable photo or item inside isn’t a new idea but lockets themselves have come a long way since they were first worn in the 16th century as good luck charms.

Modern lockets come in all sizes and can be worn around the neck, wrists, ankles or  hooked on key chains. They can look like any shape imaginable from traditional hearts and ovals to locks with keys and infinity symbols. They can be made of precious metals, woven of fibers or cast in synthetic materials. What remains the same is that lockets are a fashionable way of keeping precious photos and memories close to your heart.

Whether your locket is heart-shaped or in the image of a quidditch snitch from the Harry Potter series of books, it makes the perfect gift.

This multi-photo locket was purchased from Amazon. The photos were first scanned and then sized to fit into the locket.


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