1. What is Cloud storage?

Cloud storage is computer data storage, this includes images like photographs and videos. The “cloud” is a term used to refer to logical pools where the data or images are stored. The actual physical storage spans across multiple computer servers which are owned and managed by hosting companies.

  1. Why do I need Cloud storage?

Cloud storage allows you to protect your data offsite in case something happens to your home, office, or physical computer like theft, hardware failure, or natural disasters like floods and fires. It also allows access to your data from any Internet connected computer so that you don’t have to carry your data on removable media like a flash drive. These drives are susceptible to loss and/or damage as well.

  1. How do I get Cloud storage and how much does it cost?

We recommend researching different vendors so that you can compare and contrast their services and prices in order to find one that fits your budget and meets your size requirements for your data. Be sure to read the fine print that describes how each Cloud vendor manages the following:

  • your data’s privacy
  • account transfer options
  • limitations on the resolution of photo storage

Don’t forget that you can also work with Gold Star Photo Solutions to help you find a vendor to meet your specific needs.

  1. What are the advantages of Cloud storage?

Protection for your irreplaceable photos and memorabilia, limitless storage capacity, and reliability are definitely benefits to having Cloud storage but one of the biggest advantages is access to your data from any Internet connected device in the world. This can include a computer, mobile phone, tablet, and smart TVs.

  1. What are the drawbacks of Cloud storage?

While extremely rare, there are some disadvantages to Cloud storage. With all technology there is a possibility of failure and the remote chance that your data could be lost if your vendor’s computer servers fail. You should also avoid the tempting “free” Cloud account as there is no recourse for you if your data becomes lost or corrupted because of a vendor’s equipment failure. A slow Internet connection can also be a drawback for Cloud storage because it could delay the upload process by days or even weeks.

Gold Star Photo Solutions can work with you to help you identify your personal Cloud storage needs. We take into consideration variables like capacity requirements and costs, but also consider the track record of various vendors. We can also help you set up a backup strategy to the Cloud configuring your devices as needed. Give us a call or send us an email to schedule a meeting or to learn more about your Cloud storage options.

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